Indian secret recipes that speed up the growth of hair

From long ago Indian women are known for their thick and long hair. One can say that one of the five pagan Romantics is the beauty of women. This is a series of hidden recipes used by Indian women to improve the health of your hair from an early age.

Coconut oil and aloe vera are being carried out by:

Take two sizes of small and large pots in two sizes.
Get a tablespoon of fat castor oil and vitamin E with a tablespoon of oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil, stir together and stir.
Then add water to the large bowl and add the mixture to the small bowl and put it in the large container and heat the large bowl.
Now bring a fresh aloe-based broth and remove it completely from Aloe Gel, apply it well on the base of the hair.
As a next step, cool the oil mixture from the heated oil for about five minutes, grease and massage the head of the head everywhere.
Lastly, after the shower shower, wearing a shower shower for the night, wash the hair in the morning the next morning.
This service is done by:

This secret recipe will help to speed up blood circulation and blood circulation necessary for the hair. By doing this every day, you will see a distinct change in your hair.

Kottebu Oil and Cast Iron Tank:

Mix two teaspoons of coconut oil and two table spoons of oil on the table.
Apply fresh gel of aloe in a gel and apply well to the fingertips so that it is applied on the hair root.
Then apply the oil mixture to your head well and apply a towel soaked in hot towel and squeeze water and cover the hair for about two hours.
Finally, wash your hair with shampoo.
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Along with almond and olive oil, Aloe Nuts provide nutrition for the hair. With this mixture, the head and skull are healthier and the hair follicles are also thicker and longer.

The Brahmi Task Force is being implemented:

Add a coconut oil tablespoon to a tablescreen of Brahmin oil, which is made of ayurvedic and high-heated oil.
Prior to sleep, put the mixture mixture on top of the hair well until it is kept af the night.
Wash the water with cold water in the morning and wash well.
In this way, do this twice a week.

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Brahmini feeds the hair on the flesh and even controls the formation of goitres and helps to keep the moisture needed for the hair to keep the hair growing.