The skin is white whitish potato soap

Today, we have brought you with a new hope for a whichever soft and silly whiskey. Today we have brought you home in a new way using a potato using a soap that can be used at home.

Materials required:

Spoon a fresh aloe gel table
A soft soap for the face
A teaspoon of ketchambara oil
Two teaspoons of potato juice
Mode of preparation:

First take a potato boil well and take the juice first. Then add a soap in a soap container.
Then add almond and almond potato juice with Kottambha oil tables spoon.
As a next step, add all this together and heat the soap and other raw materials to the boil.
Finally, add this mixture to a cube shaped to fit the soap bar and sew the soap.
Use this soap curl for a few days. You will see a change in your skin.