Mega Max Review-Get up to 50 GB of free super cloud storage?

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Thanks to MEGA team, we can test their PRO I plan, which is MEGA’s most famous kit. There will be a lot more exciting features in the pipeline, like streaming functionality for another form of the file.

Why Choose MEGA

MEGA may be different from other cloud storages; their protected 50 GB of free cloud storage is an enticing deal you can’t ignore with some giving-and-taking.


  • 50GB free storage (with conditions)
  • Zero knowledge encryption
  • Secure communication with MEGAchat
  • Great collaboration tools
  • Stream preview
  • Saved for Offline
  • Stream audio or video directly

Cloud storage has now become the default solution for many people to store their data and back it up. There are uncountable providers of cloud computing services out there.

Many sell various plans and functions. Others are best for private purposes, and others are suitable for corporate organizations.
Hence, choosing the best cloud service provider for your needs can be difficult.
Many come with great features and decent rates. If you’d like to know more about cloud storage providers, check out our research on over 30 free cloud storage providers here.

We will look at this specific cloud storage provider in this MEGA review with all-you-need-to-know information about their availability, file sharing, upload, pricing, and other features as well as pros and cons.

Background of MEGA – The Privacy Company?

This cloud storage service provider was founded by Kim Dotcom in 2013 and prided itself on its strong commitment to user privacy and protection.
But MEGA was built on the shoulders of another company, Megaupload, that was launched in 2005 by the same creator. Unfortunately in 2012 Megaupload crashed.
MEGA uses on experience and knowledge in cloud computing systems, in some way.
But Dropbox has more than 500 million registered users, while MEGA has more than 130 million users.
The figures, in their way, speak for themselves given a large amount of cloud storage services out there.

What makes Super fascinating, though, is that it integrates one of the best encryption of zero-knowledge.

Their software for encryption allows you to monitor your cloud encryption keys; in other words, there are no prying eyes to your data.

Their architecture expands to encrypt your shares to ensure that you are the only people allowed to read them.

Let’s look in more depth below at their apps, pricing and customer service.

Features That Makes MEGA Cloud Storage Stands Out

Compared to other cloud storage services, Super core features vary a little bit.

The likes of Google Drive and Dropbox are more focused on utility attributions, while MEGA is more focused on security features.

If you’d like to know more about other security-focused cloud services, check out our report on Planet Earth’s The Most Secure Cloud Storage Services.
The MEGA apps are well built and easy to use.

Signing up for Super has been a piece of cake.

Everything you’ve got to do is key in your email address and a quick password.

If MEGA thinks your password is not powerful enough, it will immediately alert you that you need to change it.

Also, MEGA sends in a text file a random-generated master key that you need to save on the premise that if you forget your password, you can use the master key to access your account.

That is a nice gesture and a quick, brilliant measure. Forget the Password Manager and either write it down or copy it as old-schoolers do.

Here are the three impressive features making it stand out from the other cloud storage services.

Secured Access

MEGA allows you to access data anytime, anywhere but restricts access by anyone. However, if you want to share access, MEGA gives you the option to add your contacts to share files with you.

You can either give them permission to view or edit the files. You can either allow them to read-only, read and write, or give them complete access.
You should add these to share the files with users who are not enrolled with the MEGA program.

All you have to do is type their email address, and they are inserted into your contacts automatically.
MEGA also provides real-time collaboration. Very Google Drive-like, it helps two people to download the same file simultaneously. But here’s what makes Super special from the rest. Instead of restricting your security choices by creating an access connection, Mega offers you two options.

Connect without a key: MEGA will create a separate URL connection and decryption key which can be exchanged.

Link with a key: Super will generate a URL connection with the embedded decryption key.

Of course, the first option gives you more control, but it’s always up to you at the end of the day. If you want to go with MEGA Pro, however, the advantages of this control would become an advantage for you as users can secure their shares of links with password protection and expiry date.

Excellent end-to-end encryption

MEGA uses superior encryption to protect your files in real-time and to chat.

Additionally, the data is encrypted and decrypted by the related client devices during the transfer process, unlike the other cloud storage services.

Secured Collaboration between users

MEGA’s collaboration function is entirely private and safe. Enables real-time app networking and the display of communication notifications, making it easier for you.
Also, MEGA provides additional functions such as their mobile apps that allow you to access folders and files from your smartphones and tablets.
You can also upload files into the cloud and sync them everywhere.
One thing about MEGA for sure is that they make synchronization purposes easy to automate.

Not only that, MEGA includes apps in its framework for email, chat, call, and video conferencing.

All communicated are encrypted and give you the privacy you’ve always wanted.

MEGA also uses its system’s versioning feature. By default, you’ll have different copies of the same file in their MEGAsync settings.

And you can overwrite the new one with a previous one if anyone makes a mistake or deletes the file.

If you are synchronizing or uploading another file with the same name in the same position as another existing file, a new version of it is generated.

A clock icon will appear showing different versions of the files.

MEGA lets you screen images and enjoy videos. Is a decent choice for media purposes, but use for pictures and video storage is not yet proper enough.

Also, MEGA has no technology collaborations to streamline the file collaboration and does not provide Microsoft Office integration, unlike Dropbox, which has collaborated with Microsoft Office to edit files.

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