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PureVPN is an excellent torrenting, downloading, and secure browsing solution. The VPN provider based in Hong Kong provides an incredibly user-friendly app, suitable for inexperienced users. Also, PureVPN provides some innovative features, such as split tunneling and security against DDoS. And if you want to secure more devices, you’ll get five simultaneous connections and dedicated apps for all the popular OSes.

PureVPN infrastructure

Servers – with a large number of servers, are one of the inexpensive VPN providers – 2070, spread across 140 countries. Also, in terms of geographic server distribution, this is the best VPN service on that list. Particularly remarkable is the amount of IPs-more than 300,000!
Devices-PureVPN offers up to five simultaneous connections, which is about the average of the industry.


By providing AES-256 encrypted VPN protocols, PureVPN will preserve your data security:

About OpenVPN (UDP / TCP)
IPSec / L2TP
Besides, PureVPN will build a stable TLS tunnel, which is a great safety feature to have.

That being said, if you’re looking for applications to secure your internet connection, then PureVPN is a great option.

It does not offer protection or encryption over IPv6 addresses, however.

privacy policy

Though PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, your bandwidth consumption is tracked by the firm. The company does not, however, monitor your Computer, nor your surfing activities. The privacy policy makes browsing and uploading private.

Easy to use

If we compare it to other VPN services, PureVPN offers a somewhat more sophisticated app.

It comes with an intuitive UI and is very user friendly, however. What I like about PureVPN mainly is that its app is excellent for beginners. You can customize it quickly and choose the protocols you want to use.


Split-tunneling is one of the features which distinguish good VPNs from mediocre ones. This way, you can customize which applications are using the encrypted VPN tunnel and which ones are not. PureVPN does provide this feature.

However, this feature has long been in the beta process and is only available for Windows and Android apps. There is room for change there, then.

PureVPN fits with most firewalls, and if you encounter any problems, the technical support reps will help.


PureVPN isn’t among the fastest VPNs in the world. Its performance was mediocre, with an average speed drop of over 30%. That does not rate PureVPN among the slowest VPNs, but some connections could cost you up to 70 percent.

Device support

If you’re wondering how to pick the best VPN service,
it would be best if you remembered how many devices you ‘d like to protect.Okay, You’ve treated PureVPN.The business providesspecialized applications to

Smart TVs
Gaming consoles
Amazon Fire Stick

As a bonus there are both Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Streaming and torrenting services

The best VPNs offer streaming as well as torrenting services.

PureVPN allows both, but the provision of dedicated servers for streaming and P2P services makes it even more comfortable. This way, you wouldn’t wonder which server (for example) supports Netflix, and which ones don’t. Of course, the servers are designed to give you the best speed experience.

PureVPN also provides access to 10 local Netflix libraries-US, UK, DE, FR, JP, AU, CA, PL, GR, and CZ. Furthermore, users of PureVPN have seamless access to Disney+, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and other video services.


The best options for VPN are not safe, and PureVPN is no exception to this. It’s not the price app on the market, though, particularly considering its many features. There are four thirds available for subscription

One month-$ 10.95
1 Year-$ 5.83 a month
Two years-$ 3.33 a month
5 Years – $1.65 a month (when writing)

The company offers a 31-day money-back guarantee event you are not happy with the service.


The sheer number of security features packed within the software makes PureVPN one of the top VPN services.

IP Hider
Automatic Wi-Fi security
Kill switch
WebRTS, DNS/IPv6 leak protection
Private and encrypted DNS

Furthermore, the software supports cascading through two servers. This function doesn’t work correctly, though, since there are DNS solving problems and a considerable speed drop.

You can also buy multiple add-ons for greater security. Every single one costs $0.99 a month.

Dedicated IP
DDoS protection

In short, PureVPN offers all the essential features that you would expect from the best secure VPN. However, these paid add-ons are right, but they will be offered for free by other services.


PureVPN has it all – it keeps your data secure from prying eyes, allows torrenting and downloading, and has several security features.

Buying a couple of the add-ons, however, renders this top VPN a very costly solution. Therefore, the app doesn’t deliver on its promises of “ultra-fast speed.”

The creators of PureVPN have some more work to do before the software claims the perfect nickname for the VPN service. Still, while using the internet, the software will keep you safe and anonymous. After all, that’s the reason why people initially start looking for a VPN service.

In a nutshell – while PureVPN isn’t great, it’s one of the top 10 VPNs that says a lot, considering hundreds of solutions are out there.

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